Crocodile Mapper

Please do READ THE DESCRIPTION below at first and enter only valid data, as the data input is not validated by the application. This application shall be open for everyone, so do not destroy the experience for other people, thank you.

How to use the Mapper

  1. Click on the exact position of your observation. The insert form will appear.
  2. Type in the relevant information. Check if information is correct, then click "Submit"-button. 
  3. Click the button in the upper right to visualize spatial information.
  4. Click the button in the upper left to get statistics or switch to inspect mode.
  5. Use the + or - button to zoom in or out.


NOTE: The Crocodile Mapper is a citizen science tool and does not necessarily reflect data officially compiled by the relevant governmental agencies. All information entered will be evaluated by the Crocodile Task Force and if valid, data will be added to an official crocodile risk map for Timor - Leste.